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Technology has done a lot in this world. People are enjoying the comforts of technology at every phase of life. It has made the life of people very easy. If we take the example of communication, then we will observe that technology has played a major role in the improvement of means of communication. For example, emails, chatting, telephones, mobile phones, pager, video conferencing and much more. One of them that are being used today is audio conference call. These calls are handled and maintained by the conference call centre. It is a location in centre to all the places where people of different organizations and parties can organize a call on conference where other people can join this conference.

Conference call is just like a telephone conference call. Many people can take part actively in the conference at the same time. It is not necessary to speak while conferencing. You can just listen to the conference also without speaking anything. This is termed as Audio Teleconference (ATC).

All this is done with the help of telephone only. You just need a telephone connection which must be capable of handling more than one call at a time.

There is no need of any type of technology during this call conference. Instead they just need a call conference centre. This centre provides them with different support, facilities and technology that enable them to make the conference among several parties. These centres enable a very convenient working of the conference.

Mostly the call conferencing is done when some business parties need to negotiate, when any new product is being launched, when some changes are to be made, when some press conference need to be done or for any other major work has to be done.

One should have full knowledge about these conference centres, about the place and environment in which they work. Their main work is with the business parties. So, these centres are mainly located near a group of business parties and also around the corporate regions. They may also be situated near the places where senior executives or other business persons would meet such as airports, hotels and restaurants. The conference centres may be of any size. They may be big, small or of medium size as needed for the business meetings. They have telephones as the means of communication between them. These rooms are sound proof, where negotiation can be done without any noise and disturbance. They donít have to worry about external happenings. These rooms are provided with internet connection, desks and projectors in order to see the slide shows. Also, some members are always kept on duty to fulfil any requirements made by the people inside the conference room.

You can also record whole of the conference that is being done. This is called as Conference Call Recording.

Video conferencing is also done at these conference call centres. This is possible with a very good internet connection. You can see the individual or a whole group in front of you on the computer screen with the help of video conferencing. This is done with the help of telephone lines and web cameras. This can be easily done by the call centres.

This helps easy communication between two parties face to face. One can hear the other as well as see the person sitting miles away from you. You can easily judge the expressions of the person sitting away from you. This helps a lot in making decisions. The best part of video conferencing is that it saves time. Moreover, you donít need to travel miles to reach to a particular place. It helps in saving your money also which you would have to spend if u travelled.

The conference centres have to setup the whole scenario for video conferencing between the two parties. It provides you with two screens in order to view the other party sitting miles away from you. They also provide you with the microphones to speak into, audio speakers and a certain terminal so that both the parties could receive each otherís images.

We know that two parties can communicate with each other. Multiple parties can also communicate in a video conferencing. This technique is termed as Multipoint Videoconferencing. In this case we use a terminal called as Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) that helps to link more than 2 parties.

The use of conference centres is very economic for the business parties, so they mostly follow the same to launch their product and enhance their sellings. This is a great way.


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