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Best Skype Projectors for Skype Conference Calls

Skype is turning into one of the best and lowest cost conference calling methods available. Skype is frequently used for one on one conference as well as group presentations. When it comes to group presentations displaying the keynote speaker and accompanying information on a single computer screen can make it difficult to be seen by everyone in the conference room. This brings up the discussion of Skype Video projectors.

Skype Video Projectors

So what is a Skype video projector? Really it is just a video projector that can be connected to your computer so you can display what is on the computer screen on a wall. This allows the information to be displayed physically higher and larger that can be easily done with a standard computer monitor.

Best Video Projector

There are a number of things you should think about when choosing a video projector. Obviously there is no one video projector that is best for all circumstances.

  • Portability: - Will the projector be used only in one conference room? If so, likely a wall of ceiling mount projector would work well. This would cut down the setup time and decrease the chance of the projector being damaged in storage. If the calls conference calls are to be used for sales presentations (technician sets up site and the sales person calls in to make the presentation), a portable unit is a much better choice
  • Price Range: - There is a very wide range of prices based on the quality of the projector. SVGA projectors start as low are $250 - $350 where higher end HD projectors reach well into the thousands of dollars.
  • Resolution Required: - Resolution refers to how sharp the picture will be based in pixels. How large the picture will be will be based on how far the projector is away from the screen or wall it will be projected onto. This relates pretty closely to how things look on a computer screen. Old computer screens used to use an 800x600 resolution while new computers use 1024x768, 1280x800 and higher (1920 x 1080 for HD). That pretty much just means if you count all the dots that make up the image going in a line from side to side or top to bottom, in the case of an 800x600 resolution, the image will have 800 dots going from one side to the other and 600 dots going from top to bottom. The more dots you have the sharper the resolution. High definition projectors have more (and smaller) dots so the images and text are much sharper and easier to see.
  • Brightness Required: - This choice has a lot to do with the room you will be holding the conference in as well as the conditions required for the viewers. If you can have the room relatively dark, 2200 lumens may be sufficient. However in business situations room lighting is usually required. Conference participants often need to take notes, see others in the room to converse with them and read related information given to them in paper form. In these cases a projector with a higher lumen rating would work better (3000 ansi lumens or higher).
  • Contrast Ratio: - Usually between 3000:1 to 5000:1 The higher the contrast the sharper text and other well defined images will be. If you video conferences include PowerPoint presentations and high definition images a higher contrast will make them easier to see. People with limited vision will be more comfortable with a higher contrast projector.
  • Inputs: - Being that you are likely using this projector with a laptop computer it is important that the projector you choose works with the types of output your computer can produce. Most projectors will work with RCA video outputs, but very few computers have these. Many of the newer laptops have HDMI outputs; this is an easy way to connect both sound and video to a projector with this capability. Other likely inputs will be SVGA which is what a common computer monitor uses and S-video.
  • Size of screen: - Display size is determined by how far the projector is from the wall or screen it will be projected onto. The larger the distance the larger the screen size will be. This is not the same with all projectors. The projectors lens determines how large the display will be at a given distance (usually 8-10 feet). If you have specific space requirements, this may be something you need to look at. If you are able to place the projector on a table and move the table to whatever distance is needed this will likely not be much of an issue.

International Conference Calls

One of the best reasons to use Skype for your international conference call is the cost. When you make a Skype to Skype call it?s free. While it is possible to use Skype for audio conference calls, video conference calling is where Skype really shines and that requires a Skype to Skype call.

Final Considerations

Another detail to consider when choosing a projector is its fan noise. Cheaper projectors have a tendency to have cheaper fans. The fans specifications are usually listed with the other projector specifications usually 22-28db is acceptable, much higher than that can become distracting.

If the quality of your chosen projector is too low it is likely to be a distraction for the people you are trying to present the information to. Before making a choice carefully determine how you plan to use the projector, the conditions of the conference room, and the necessary quality of any images to be presented. Remember that the video transmitted over Skype will be highly compressed and will not be of the same quality as video produced by other conference calling methods. That being the case you may still want to choose a sufficiently high quality projector so that it can be used for PowerPoint presentations and higher quality video feeds if available.


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