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It has finally happened. Video conferencing has gone beyond the confines of corporate boardrooms and is now used in a wide number of applications ranging from education, security and even medicine.

The main reason for this is that the technology has gained so much popular over the years. And this, in turn, is largely due to free video conferencing.

With free video conferences, people are given the ability to meet with others in remote locations without having to incur either expensive travel expenses or video conferencing facility rentals. Whether it is a meeting for a small business, a classroom lecture, or a training seminar, any meeting or conference conducted with greater ease, despite geographic differences because of free video conferencing technology.

Just what exactly comprises a free video conference setup? The answer may already be staring you right in the face – that is, your computer. Given the right technical specifications, people can use the computers to access the Internet where they can interact with others in audio and video.

As far as hardware goes, you will need a computer that is capable of connecting to the Internet. Next you will need a web cam and a sound card that will support microphone and speakers. Finally, you will need to have access to the Internet. High-speed or high bandwidth connections are recommended because low bandwidth access like telephone dial-ups will only frustrate a video conference session participants.

Once you have got the basic setup together, you can now begin experiencing video conferences for free. The next step is in installing video conference software that comes for free.

Yes, you read right. There are actually several of these free software available to you. In fact, it could be residing on your computer right now. If you are using the latest versions of the more popular instant messaging software like Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or iChat, then you are already set up for free video conferences. That means you can see and hear colleagues, friends and family without having to spend a single penny on video conference services.

Besides instant messaging, there are other specialized video conference software that is distributed for free. Take for example NetMeeting by Microsoft. Not only will it allow you to conduct a video conference, it will also let you share and exchange files among the meeting’s participants. Some software goes the extra step by allowing desktop and application sharing.

Because of these innovations are offered for free, video conferencing has made knowledge sharing and collaboration a more effective and cost-efficient activity. The benefits are far ranging: A small business can conduct a supplier conference with a client across the globe; a student in California can consult with his or her thesis adviser in New York; access to a cardiologist in a far off city will not incur expensive communication or travel costs for a farm-town family.

You would think that by giving away something for free, a company stands to lose a lot. But on the contrary, you are actually seeing a paradigm shift in the way this industry does business. By giving video conference services for free, users start to feel at home and adept with the company’s services and that builds brand recognition and loyalty – something that many companies value.

So in the end, you are given the advantages of video conferencing without the expensive price tag. Companies develop a relationship with its customers that can bring about better products and services. That means free video conference services is actually a win-win situation for both corporations and end-users like yourself.


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