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Taking a Peek in the Future of Video Conferencing

Communication technology today is truly a remarkable convenience that was once just dreamed by the people of yesteryears. Many are quite thankful and satisfied with what technology offers nowadays – the ability to see people while talking to them over long distances, however some are very excited to know what is in store for the future. Here is a small sneak preview of what is to come soon.

Video Conferencing Anytime and Anywhere

The birth of the 3G (3rd Generation) wireless phone services has been welcomed with great anticipation by test markets in Europe and the Asia Pacific. With the 3G-324M system for mobile phones, it is now possible to engage in a real-time multimedia communication with speeds that are comparable to broadband internet connections. The mobile industry has just started to embark in fast data and video transfer that allows users to see each and talk to each other in clear platforms as if they were watching each other on TV.

While the 3G technology is still very much on its early stages, the response of the market indicates its proliferation which foresees the fast development of the system due to its great marketability. The great success of the sales of the first batch of units to use the system predicts for more to come. Soon enough, practically everyone with a cellular phone would be able to engage in video conferencing that is very efficient, stable with great quality of video and audio. Data transfers would also be expected to increase making the transfer of documents for business and the academe more efficient by the use of mobile phones.

Desktop and WWW-based Conferencing

Before, video conferencing can only be done within a specially arranged room with expensive video and audio equipment for both ends of the parties involved in the session. Nowadays, participants of a video conference can be anywhere they want even right in the comforts of home. Moreover, there is no need to get highly specialized and costly equipment, a decent computer with a stable and fast internet connection, a simple camera and a microphone are the few things needed.

Desktop and WWW-based conferencing allows users to communicate not only with people within their organizations, but with clients and other people outside the enterprise as well. There is no need to have the same system as most desktop conferencing programs can work together, otherwise, such systems are easily acquired online by downloading.
Instant messaging systems are also offered for free and those who have basic video conferencing needs can very well take advantage of these services. This allows costs and efforts to be cut significantly. While at present most systems involve separate programs or sub-programs, in the future one can expect to have everything integrated, making available to everyone a more streamlined platform for video conferencing and other communication needs.


Nowadays the modes of video conferencing are still quite separate from one another, causing certain inconveniences, that while are still tolerable, might later prove to be a nuisance. With the fast development of web-based conferencing systems, or even 3G mobile phone systems, the realization of a more unified or at least a more widely compatible platform can be anticipated. Various types of transactions whether for business, academics, or just personal, may soon be performed under a single system, making it more convenient for everyone.

Soon, one may be able to order Chinese via web-based instant messaging systems or even shop online with an added personal touch of seeing both parties involved. Security and verification of identity may become more secure with the aid of visual communication, should standards become set and fixed.

Video conferencing has taken the art of communication to levels once thought to be unreachable. People are just left wondering what exciting thing would come out next. Nobody knows for sure, the only thing certain is that the changes to be seen would be truly amazing.


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