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A Beginner’s Guide to Handling a Video Conference Call

Communication technology has created a world that is practically smaller that it actually is. Well, the world did not shrink or deplete, but because of the great advancements on the means of communication, the far-off placing now seem to be very near and accessible. While the ability to speak to people throughout the globe has been available for some time thanks to the telephone, nowadays, long distance communication has been revolutionized in ways unimaginable to the mindset of the past. Now, not only can people talk to each other, they can even see each other, no matter how far apart they are. Moreover, conversations may take place not only between two parties but among several persons in different locations at the same time. This is what video conference is all about.

Video Conference Calls

Video conferencing is simply a remarkable blessing, an astonishing fruit of technological progress. In the past, people only dreamt of being able to talk and see people over the telephone, such is just an idea confined to cartoons, movies, and television shows. Video conference calls are not really new. Surprising as it may seem, video conferencing has been around for several decades. However, video conferencing back then was still crude, involving large and expensive equipment that only the government or business enterprises could afford. Today, video conference calling is widely available to most anyone, as the required equipment is much cheaper. Unfortunately not a lot of people still take advantage of this technological convenience. A lot of people do not know that they are actually capable of doing it at all. Many do not know how to handle a video conference call. The truth is, it is
video conferencing is very easy with a few basic knowledge.
To handle a video conference call, one should have the right set-up. But you do not have to worry because the set-up is not complicated. First you have to have a working computer with a decent Internet subscription. You also need an audio system, a video system, and an integrator.

Conference Call Equipment

For the common video conference setup, it is enough to use a computer that has been bought not more than three years ago. An older system can probably still work but it might not be able handle calls that require more stability and clarity. The internet connection should be higher than 1 mb, most computer experts would recommend speeds of about 2-3 mbs – the usual speed offered by cable and DSL providers, but for real, hardcore video conference calls, a T1 internet connection would be excellent.

One should also have a good audio setup since video conferencing involves talking. Most computers are already equipped with good sound cards, and as such, this would not be a problem anymore. What is needed is a microphone which comes quite cheaply from any computer accessories store. One may also want to purchase internet phones – which work like regular telephones but are connected to the computer instead of a phone line. Internet phones work using a system called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which takes advantage of the world wide reaching capabilities of the internet at cheaper rates than regular overseas telephone calls.

Since video conference is about video, it would not be complete without a video camera. Video conferencing cameras, or web cams, are widely available and very cheap. It is good to purchase one with higher resolutions to ensure a clear and stable reception.
To handle a video conference call, one would use video conference software or an instant messaging program. The most popular ones are Microsoft NetMeeting and GnomeMeeting. Other programs are available out there, some are even offered for free.

Conference Call References

It is very easy to handle video conference calls when you know what you need. There are several books and magazines about the video conferencing and you can very much take advantage of them.


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