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What is internet video conferencing?

Why spend money and hours traveling from one place to another and beating the traffic and other hazards just for a simple meeting when you can stay home or in the office, sit back and relax and still attend the meeting? Given a choice, would you really opt for the first scenario?

The first scenario is the traditional way of doing things, particularly for busy executives who have to travel hour on end from one country to another just so they can attend a thirty minute or a one hour meeting. Traditional because this is the process by which almost all people live by if they want to succeed in business.

But that was several years ago prior to the evolution of the internet and the most important by product that comes with it—the opportunity to conduct video conferencing.

Today’s scenario basically remains the same, with busy executives conducting meetings after another to monitor their companies and staff. However, the meetings no longer require them to travel by plane for hours nor does it require them to spend money of fares, spend hours in the traffic and spend time recovering from jetlag.

Thanks to the internet, the way of doing business has bee greatly improved. Executives still attend as many meetings as possible but they do it in the privacy of their boardrooms or even their homes. This is done through video conferencing.

Video conferencing makes it possible for two or more people in different parts of the globe to communicate with each other with full video and audio signals in real time. Imagine a chief executive officer in the United States talking to his managing director in Australia and both can see and hear each other in real time. This is possible through web conferencing,

Video conferencing makes use of a computer, a video camera and speakers. All these are interconnected and make use of the internet to transmit audio and video signals that allows people to conduct video conferencing.

Video conferencing used to be highly technical and expensive. However, its popularity has paved the way for more number of users and this has resulted to lower costs of video conferencing equipments. This has made video conferencing equipment more affordable to a greater number of people who are starting to realize the importance of the technology not only in business but also in their personal lives.

Video conferencing g equipment may still be considered a heavy investment but it is definitely more cost effective in the long term. Executives and office staff can save on plane fares by conducting their meetings or trainings through video conferencing. Not only that; the attendees of the meeting are m ore relaxed and attentive since they do not have to spend hours traveling and adjusting to a new place.

Setting up a video conferencing system can mean additional capitalization for a company y but the return on such investment is easily recouped. With video conferencing, busy executives have more time to spare for other business related issues. Sales managers now have more opportunity to train more people even though they are located in different parts of the globe.

The effort and the financial capital needed to set up a video conferencing facility may be an additional burden for companies but such capital is considered cheap considering the benefits of a better communication system for a growing or established company.


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