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Can you conduct video conferencing using Linux?

The process of communication has become easier and more efficient because of the popularity of the internet. People used to wait for ages before their snail mail is received by the addressee if he is located in another part of the globe. It takes the same amount of time, perhaps more, before the letter sender gets a response for his original letter.

With the internet revolution, correspondence has become fast and people can easily send and receive their correspondence in a matter of minutes or hours through emails. Urgent business decisions are easily made and communicated by decision makers to their operational managers. The latter are likewise more empowered and can easily consult their superiors on various business issues that they have to contend with immediately.

While people are already thankful for the efficiency and efficacy of communicating through emails, they may have to bow their heads once again for the latest in technology known as video conferencing.

If emails are considered fast and efficient, video conferencing is considered as a revolutionary way of communicating because through this technology, two or more people from different parts of the globe can now communicate with each other in real time. This means that they can both see and hear each other and can actually converse and discuss their concerns in real time.

Video conferencing has indeed revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. It has made business easier and more efficient. As a result, a good number of business transactions are completed in days or even just hours, thereby making the economy more robust and dynamic.

However, video conferencing is still technology dependent and users of video conferencing have to install necessary equipment like computers, phones, video cameras, speakers and video conferencing software. Majority of the video conferencing systems use Microsoft so how about for those who have Linux?

Apparently, it is possible to conduct video conferencing for those using Linux. People who are using Linux can shift to Microsoft but that would mean additional expenses for the change in their computer operating system.

There are Linux-using people who have successfully conducted video conferencing. They made use of a whiteboard so they can do presentations and drawings during the video conference. One important equipment necessary for a video conference using Linux is a telephone line and perhaps a video link. They also bought a sound card and a video camera.

Some people who have experienced downtimes with their ISPs have also tried using Linux as a host. Once you have the necessary software and hardware then you can proceed with video conferencing with just the minimal accessories like video camera and speakers.

Conducting a video conferencing is much like having a phone call between two people in different locations. However, video conferencing enable the two or more communicators to view and hear each other in real time.

The personal touch offered by video conferencing can make a very big difference in meetings, consultations and even in after sales customer service. Video conferencing can make people closer despite the distance between them. It does not only promote goodwill but it also makes the process of communications faster and more efficient due to immediate feedback.

The existence of different operating systems can sometimes be a problem but simple technical advice from the experts can remedy the problem.


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