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Technology can both be a boon or a bane to people, depending on how they make use of a particular technology. Allowing technology to make life and work easier should be the goal of every technology freak. However, there are technologies that have two faces, meaning they can be helpful and can sometimes present disadvantages to its users.

Like all other technologies, the advent of the internet has been met with reluctance by some people who are not yet familiar with such technology. However, after some time, the very people who were hesitant to make use of the internet are now profiting from the many advantages of the internet.

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The internet has made it possible for people to communicate with each other at a faster rate and at a more efficient method. Sending messages through emails is definitely a big improvement compared to the snail mail system used early on. It may have disadvantages though like emails that are not read by the recipients because they have been blocked as spasm or because the email address of the receiver is already full and can no longer accept new messages.

These disadvantages and flaws can be remedied also by technology like anti spam techniques and the use of emails with more message capacity. People can also check their emails more often to avoid messages bouncing back to the senders.

One of the newest technologies to hit internet users is video conferencing. This is a method by which people can communicate with each other in real time or as if they are actually facing each other. Through video conferencing, people can make their feelings and ideas heard and felt through video and audio signals that are sent through the internet.

People or companies that wish to conduct video conferencing have to be equipped with computers. Video cameras, speakers and microphones and fast internet connection. They also have to subscribe to a service provider or they can buy software which may be expensive for small companies and for individuals,

While video conferencing can be a boon to families that are separated by miles or to companies with international clients and branches, it also has disadvantages that are often experienced by new technology users.

Setting up a video conferencing system can be an additional expense for most companies but it can be easily recouped especially in terms of savings on travel and representation expenses. It can also be complicated for new users but companies can always hire consultants to train their people or to guide them during the initial stages of the video conferencing.

Video conferencing can also present other problems like equipment glitches. To avoid this, it is better to practice a day or two before the actual video conference schedule. This way, the technical people can still make some adjustments on video cameras that are unfocused or hazy, or to microphones that send out hissing sounds.

When already set up with the microphone and the video camera, the person who has to go on air or video for the video conferencing should refrain from doing unnecessary things like drinking or fidgeting. Also avid talking to other people as this can be an irritant to the other participants.

While video conferencing cannot fully substitute for personal communication, it is the best alternative that people can turn to considering its cost effectiveness and efficiency. Through web conferencing, people can attend more meetings at the least expense and the least danger brought about by traveling.


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