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What are the basic things you need to know about video conferencing?

Technology can be a pain for most people but knowing how to make technology useful can be an advantage. There are people who dreaded the thought of sending emails just because they do not have the basic computer and internet skills.

Ignorance is all in the mind; it is a mindset and your degree of ignorance depends on how afraid you are of technology and of what it can do for you. Older people have this notion that they can no longer adapt to new technology so they allow themselves to remain ignorant of even the most simple computer operation.

Fear of technology can also happen to you if you do not keep yourself updated on the latest technological trends. You will never know how easy or how hard it is unless you try for yourself.

The newest thing to hit the technological world is video conferencing. This is a process by which two or more people can meet in real time through the use of the internet. Real time means this two or more people can communicate with each other as if they were physically present although in reality they are in different parts of the globe.

Video conferencing allows people from two different countries and even time zones to see and hear one another through live video and audio feeds. It makes use of a computer, an internet connection, a video camera, speakers and microphones and a video conferencing software or service provider.

The basic equipment necessary for video conferencing

To be able to conduct video conferencing, people or companies has to be connected to the internet. They must also be equipped with microphones so they can be heard vividly by the person on the other end of the line, a camera so they can be seen online and computer software to enable them to communicate virtually.

Connection to the internet does not cost much. In fact, internet connection has become so affordable that internet shops have mushroomed everywhere and home offices now have their very own internet connections.

Video conferencing has proven itself useful for small businesses that rely on the internet for easier and a more efficient communication system. The affordability and accessibility of the internet has encouraged small business and even home-based businesses to have their own internet connection enabling them to conduct video conferencing right at the comforts of their own homes.

Where is video conferencing used?

Video conferencing has proven itself useful not only to businesses but also to the academe. Through video conferencing, learning institutions can offer online lectures with experts from other countries, who no longer have to travel to deliver their lectures. This has made knowledge sharing very affordable and efficient.

Companies can also improve their after sales customer support through video conferencing because they can respond to customer queries or complains in real time. They can also provide technical support to their clients through web conferencing.

Video conferencing is a new technology that can be useful to everyone, even to people who have relatives or families in other countries. With video conferencing, business and personal communication can be cheaper and more effective.

Video conferencing does not only promote technology but it can also connect lives, people and families.


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