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Video conferencing may just be one of the best technological innovations to come in years. It can minimized the amount of time spent on traveling as well as reduce the amount companies need to allot to traveling expences..

This new technology makes use of computers, video cameras, speakers and microphones, as well as an Internet connection. The possession and proper use of the basic equipment can make video conferencing successful but there are ways to make video conferencing better and more efficient.

Since video conferencing is a combination of audio and video systems, users must make sure that these components have been properly installed and well adjusted. Poor positioning of the video camera can result in hazy or distorted images while poor microphone and speaker connections can cause the voices to be inaudible.

Users should position and test their video cameras and picture quality before the scheduled video conference to allow the conference to proceed smoothly and without technical glitches. It is best to conduct video conferencing in a quiet room with proper ventilation to make the conversation more audible and the venue more comfortable for the participants.

Most video conferences allow more than two people to connect and to join the conference. To avoid two or more people chatting simultaneously making the video conference disorderly, the participants should appoint a rapporteur or a facilitator. The facilitator can make the meeting more orderly and the issues easier to absorb and deal with.

Do not presume that everybody joining the video conference knows your voice or face, so it is proper to identify yourself before speaking. This is particularly helpful when conducting video conferencing between two companies or between two branches where people do not really get to see each other personally.

It is also advisable to check the volume of your audio before the meeting to ensure you do not get feedback. It is not wise to be making audio adjustments during the meeting proper. Always test your microphones for clarity, and volume should be at a comfortable level.

Try to tame your movements as much as possible because actions are augmented in video conferences. Too much movement of your head or your hands can distort the image being sent to the video sceen of the other attendees.

While it is basic work ethic to come for meetings in business attire, there are still people who forget this, especially when attending meetings. Avoid wearing jewelries that may distract the other participants who may be getting a close up of you on their monitors.

Keep the video conference orderly by closing the video conferencing room and keeping people from going in and out of the room. This would distract the other participants and k\can lead then off track.

Like all meetings, video conferencing can also become boring so keep the meeting short and concise by preparing the necessary materials ahead. People may already lose their attention after an hour so it is best to conduct video conferences swiftly but efficiently.

If the company has a technical department, then make sure these people are available or on call during the video conference. This would make sure that technical difficulties are avoided or if there are, that such difficulty is easily remedied.

Chatting in video conference s can be quite tricky but it can turn out well with careful and efficient planning.


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