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Is video conferencing affordable?

New technologies are useful to most people most of the time but are they affordable? This is the question that is commonly raised by people who are confronted by new technologies and who believe that new technologies require new equipment and therefore increased expenses.

The internet used to be expensive for most people but that as when it first came out in the market. Today, internet connection has become more affordable to most people that even households have their own internet connection. Perhaps the popularity of the technology has made it more affordable to more people.

What appears is that the increasing demand for internet connection has made the connection price more varied and affordable. There are now more choices and packages for those who would like to b connected.

The newest technology to come out in the market is video conferencing. This technology makes use of computers, microphones and speakers, video cameras and internet connection. It allows two more people to communicate with each other in real time via live audio and video feeds.

Companies who want to make use of video conferencing facilities in their offices admit that installing such facilities will require new investment. However, some companies found the idea of installing video conferencing facilities in their offices feasible.

So how can video conferencing technology be used? Video conferencing is useful for companies that require daily meetings with their staff or managers who may be located in their international branches. Such meetings required the executives to travel hours to individual branches just so they can monitor the status of such offices. This required representation and travel expenses not to mention the valuable time lost on the way to the airport or in resting before a meeting just because of a jet lag.

With video conferencing, busy executives can conduct meetings in the privacy of their own offices or even their homes. This makes running an office and even a conglomerate more cost effective and efficient.

While the prices of technological gadgets like speakers, microphones, video cameras and other equipment required for video conferencing can be a notch higher compared to ordinary office equipment, the benefits that can be obtained from this new technology can be greater than its actual cost.

A survey of shops selling video conferencing equipment also show that the more people who want to make use of the technology, the more it is becoming affordable., Some computer shops have already reduced their prices in anticipation of higher demand and too many competition.

Video conferencing equipment used to be expensive but the competitive rates have made it possible for the new technology to be embraced by small companies who see the cost effectiveness of video conferencing.

For larger companies, the cost can be lesser since they can purchase the equipment wholesale and with huge discounts. It is also wise to canvass computer shops for video conferencing equipment to get the best price for the equipment.

The capital investment for video conferencing equipment can also be easily recouped because of the benefits of this technology. It can lessen a company’s travel expenses while enhancing the productivity of its employees Travel hazards are also minimized because officers no longer have to travel for important meetings.

Video conferencing equipment may be a bit expensive for those who are buying the equipment for the first time but the return on investment can be seen not only in terms of lesser travel expenses for the company but also in terms of a well-motivated and constantly monitored workforce.


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