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How to Start Your Own Video Conferencing Service

Video conferencing is one of the many products of advanced technology. It transmits video images to participants on their respective location for a conference or a meeting. From the previous satellite links and analog conferencing, the new modified video conferencing uses a much advanced digital visual image transmitted to a large and wider network on the web.

You may find 56 thousand communication channels that can easily access frame video images on a 1.544-Mbps (T1) channel with a complete motion video to all standard packages. The medium delivery of visuals is delivered using a live video conferencing service. Video conferencing services have a two-way communication mode that enables the participants for a two-way communication.

This service allows participation of two or more parties from various locations using the capabilities of video transmission communication. In addition, it is also the way where businesses and important agendas are held in a set time using video recorders and audio satellite transmitters. Users of this kind of technology should have speakers, internet access, video camera, and a microphone. Having these tools, you can easily speak, hear, and see one another through video images you send.

You may start your personal video conferencing service. SalesWebmeetings, a web conference provider, offers beginner service packages and comprehensive web conference tools to run your own web conferencing service. Standard packages that they offer include the following.

1. A business and a marketing plan for video conferencing. The coverage includes efficient marketing plans and innovative recommendations and strategies. It should also have a full detailed copy of checklist of all start up procedures to get your conferencing service make a good start.

2. You should analyze and make a research of your possible main competitors in the web conferencing service. You can make a comparative analysis on the functionality, packages they offer, and the prices.

3. Project and review the start up costs for the revenues and expenses you may need when you start a video conferencing service. You should also pre estimate the cost value of equipments and devices you will provide to customers especially of those business firms.

4. You should master marketing techniques and strategies on how you can promote your service to targeted clients on the internet and in the web conferencing industry. You may create your domain name, develop your website, and provide submission tips and guidelines.

5. You should also be involved in setting up your web hosting service entity. You should be open to accepting credit cards. Make sure that you only provide service to customers who have a good credit rating and a good credit history.

6. The IDC’s 2003 video conferencing statistical graph shows that there is a good market trend on web hosting and video conference services. They also research on the buying habits, outlook and actions you should initiate in the future.

7. You will undertake management training online from SalesWebmeeting. You will also learn on how you can find your niche market and promote your web conferencing service.

8. As a beginner, you will be assisted when making negotiations to resellers and making agreements with your video conferencing buyer. Make sure to pay attention to every seller’s capacity to pay and obtain his good record as a user of your service.

When your website is already up and running, SalesWebmeeting service offers a 2 free leads to get on a smooth and good start. The most common video conferencing start up package costs $3000 as their minimum offer excluding additional packages.


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