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At one time video conferencing meant having your own team of technicians to help setup and maintain the conference equipment and software. New "turnkey" solutions are making setting up a video conference quick and easy. In many cases all that is needed is to connect into your current internet or use a standard laptop computer with internet access.

Most offices and even most homes now have internet access with sufficient speed. DSL and Cable internet often provides sufficient speed for most users although large corporate video conferencing solutions are better served with a more dedicated form of internet like a T1.

When choosing a system the main points to consider are the number of people that will be attending the conference, the quality of video and sound that is required and your budget. Below you will find a sample of some of the video conferencing systems available.

Turnkey and "Plug and Play" Video Conferencing

Most of the plug and play video conference solutions displayed on this page us a laptop computer for the internet connection. One of the easiest ways to run the equipment is to use Skype which is likely already on your laptop computer. For more complex conferencing you can buy specialty software that can be configured to suit your needs.


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