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Security is a high priority for many companies. Often, video cameras are utilized as part of a security package. The cameras are used to protect property, decrease risk of loss due to theft, and catch dishonest employees in the act. While all these things are helpful and save businesses money, wouldn?t it be a more efficient use of equipment if those same cameras could do something else as well. What if they could perform an additional function, completely removed from security?

Systems such as those available through Affordable Video Surveillance Systems can do such double duty. These systems can be utilized as video conference solutions as well as security. By utilizing the remote IP, clients can view any portion of their building that contains a security camera. For high quality video conferencing purposes, the camera in the conference room or office would be activated and a link set up with the other locations for the conference call. High quality video conferencing would enable use of visual aids without having to be concerned with delivery or set-up of the audio-visuals at other locations, thereby saving time, money, and headaches.

Video Security Uses

Another use of surveillance cameras as a video conference solution would be in hospitals. While many teaching hospitals have operating room viewing areas where students or other doctors can watch an operation, it would be incredibly beneficial to use the security cameras in those same operating rooms to broadcast the surgery to doctors or students in places far removed from the hospital in question. This type of high quality video conferencing would enable surgeons from around the globe to view, and learn from, surgeries they might never see otherwise, possibly saving someone?s life in the future.

Another video conference solution with medical applications involves mental health patients. Often times, therapists have to treat dangerous and hostile patients. In many cases, those treatment sessions involve the patient being restrained for the protection of the therapist. This can, in fact, increase patient hostility, making them more difficult to treat. High quality video conferencing, on the other hand, would still ensure the safety of the therapist while allowing the patient freedom of movement and likely aid in their treatment.

Another situation that could benefit from this technology due to safety issues are laboratories. Some labs are dangerous, even for qualified personnel, much less administrators and investors. However, high quality video conferencing would enable those people to watch experiments as they happen from the safety of their own offices or conference rooms. Additionally, with this type of video conferencing solution, they would also be able to ask questions of those performing the experiment, allowing the scientists to stay at their task, rather than waste time and money by stopping their work to give lectures after the fact.

Lectures from another location would also benefit schools. Most schools do not have experts in every field at their beck and call. However, video conferencing solutions could bring those experts to their computer screen. English teachers could have an author available for questions, a science class could watch as industrial scale experiments are performed. With high quality video conferencing, the options are almost endless. On a smaller scale, teacher could utilize the technology to team-teach a subject to two classes simultaneously. This would also allow one teacher to take over a lecture if the other teacher had to miss a day of school.

Many times, court proceedings are in need of video conferencing solutions. If, for some reason, a witness is unable to attend a court proceeding, they could still testify using high quality video conferencing. This would prevent delays in legal proceedings and allow for protection of key witnesses even during the course of the trial.

The possibilities don?t stop there, as the applications for high quality video conferencing are numerous. With a little thought, there are surely places your company could utilize their security cameras in unconventional ways. By making the most of the resources available to you through the building security system your company can save both time and money.


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