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Technology made it possible for people to engage in video conferencing even without the expensive and complex equipment. Now, all it takes is a PC, an internet connection and some peripherals like speakers, microphone and a web camera.

With this possibility, there is a great opportunity to be connected to the world without much difficulty. It is just up to you, dear users, as to how you will utilize this to your advantage.

To further maximize video conferencing on the net, proper usage and tips must be kept in mind. Here are some of them:

1. Preparation is a must

There are some details about the video conference which must be determined first like:

- Who among the parties will initiate the conversation?
- When the breaks will be so as not to disturb the flow of the conversation?
- Who will be the assigned moderator to make sure that the flow is followed?
- Who are the participants, so as to allow introduction?
- What software needed by the participants must be installed?
- Were handouts given so as to jumpstart the conference?

Aside from these things, participants must also come in prepared in the conference with their materials and points ready. It will be a waste of time if you will come in unprepared.

Another point of preparation would be the level of volume of the individual participant’s microphone. Blasting, feed backing and echoing must be avoided for a thorough conferencing.

2. On software

Choose the software that best fits your needs. You can choose from the following software applications:

- AOL Instant Messenger
- Ekiga
- Camfrog
- iChat AV
- Marratech
- inSORS
- Microsoft NetMeeting
- Mirial
- Paltalk
- MSN Messenger
- SeeNx
- Polycom
- Skype
- SightSpeed
- Virtual Room Videoconferencing System
- Tlen
- Yahoo Messenger
- WebEx

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